A new NFT Experiment,
mint your own artwork as NFT on ICP Network ?
100 KB data Mint cost 0.1ICP Only
Trade freely on Light wallet
Make your artwork unique
Easily to perform for non-developer
NFT WorkRoom Functions
NFT Listing
Make NFT
Operation Inovices
Transfer Records
Native App
A native mobile App build by flutter, which is more friendly for users, faster UI loading, and better interact feedback.
Non Custoday
Non Custoday wallet which means no backend server to host your wallet and handle your transactions, which is more safer and the wallet is 100% owne by yourself.
Gesture Password
Gesture Password is support for your transactions, which is makes your transactions become more easily.
Free Forever
Light Wallet will be free forever for users, and no any extra cost on the App expect blockchain gas fee.